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Pago De Sangara, Selección Especial, 2006 Review

Pago De Sangara, Ribera del Duero, Selección Especial, 2006 Review

Rijoa, Bottle Aged Tempranillo at its Best

{all images photographed and edited with iPhone 4s}

pago de sangara 2006 tepmranillo review
Pago De Sangara, Selección Especial, 2006 Review:  I needed to stock up on some wine.  BevMo!  was having a 5 cent sale.  Basically, you buy one bottle at full retail and get the other at 5 cents. Sweet deal.  Typically I don’t buy blind.  Meaning I’ve either tasted the juice already or I know the producers style.  But I was in a calculated gambling kind of mood.  I know that the Rijoa, region from Spain produces great reds and at $24.50 a bottle with 9 years bottle age, and a Selección Especial I didn’t think I could go wrong.  So I picked up three bottles of 06′ Pago De Sangara.  And, I was pleasantly surprised.  It didn’t hurt to have 9 years of bottle age on it.  And Spain is producing some great wine at a great value.  Spain is know for its off beat varietals.  To wit:  Albariño, Cabernet Franc, Carmenere, Tempranillo and of course Cava {sparkling wine}.
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“Today Spain has more then 146 acknowledged vine varieties, making Spain one of the most varied wine cultures in the world. The Garnacha grape is the most common red grape in Spain. Among white grapes the most popular is Airén, which is also the most commonly grown grape in the world.” ~

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The list price was $59 a bottle.  Purchase price after the 5 cent deal was 24.50 a bottle.  I bought the last three they had on the shelf. Great deal for a 9 year old Tempranillo.  But how did it taste?
I’m happy to tell you that it was magnificent 95/100.  The nose a bit tight and glycerol.  The color was a beautiful brickish-red with a slight brown tinge to the edges.  Notes of  Dark Bing Cherry, Cassis and milk chocolate on the palate. Multilayer on the tongue with a long after taste of dark ripe fruit on the palette. With long thick legs.  It was throwing about a teaspoon of sediment at the end of the bottle.
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